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How Not to be a Douche on Social Media

There are plenty of extensive how-to’s for social media out there. This is a good one to get you started on the basics. There are also plenty of what-not-to-do’s, but those take forever to read because there are a lot … Continue reading

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My Stream of Conscious While Having DirectTV Installed

They said it might take two hours. Shit, that’s a long time to be alone with a tech guy. I should probably put a bra on. I didn’t have my landlord sign that permission form. I wonder if a verbal … Continue reading

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Tales of the Perpetually Single: My Experience

It started in October when my sister got married. My drunk relatives cornered me with the expected it’s-your-turn-next’s and how’s-your-love-life’s, to which I responded “I need more whiskey, excuse me.” I noticed all of my younger cousins had dates and … Continue reading

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