My Stream of Conscious While Having DirectTV Installed

They said it might take two hours. Shit, that’s a long time to be alone with a tech guy. I should probably put a bra on.

I didn’t have my landlord sign that permission form. I wonder if a verbal agreement will be ok?

Hm. He took his shoes off without me asking. Seems like a nice guy.

Why is he asking me all these questions about cables and entry points? If I knew this kind of stuff I’d hack into my neighbor’s shit and get free cable.

My landlord would be cool with drilling a hole through my window, right?

Can I watch TV during this?

Where did he g…oh ok I hear drilling noises. I guess that means he doesn’t need that permission form. Sweet.

I wonder how many desperate housewives have tried to seduce him. I wonder how many succeeded. That would be totally inappropriate to ask…right?

Why does it suddenly smell like rotten eggs in the kitchen?

Holy the shit the cat is evilly smart! She knows she’s not allowed on the counter but she’s laying on it anyway because she also knows I’m not going to jump up and run like a madwoman at her with a spray bottle in front of the tech guy! Cats, man, they’re sheisty.

So this is the awkward, forced conversation part then?

And this is the silent, just waiting for the software to download because we ran out of awkward, forced conversation part? OK.

Wooo it works! Now please leave quickly so I can watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding without you judging me.

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3 Responses to My Stream of Conscious While Having DirectTV Installed

  1. Morgan says:

    LOVE! ha , I wish I had been there to see it happen

  2. Court says:

    Was he cute?

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