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On Being A Girl Gamer

Perhaps that’s a little strong. I don’t really consider myself a “gamer,” but I do love playing video games and I’m pretty good at them. I’m also a girl. While not a total anomaly, that’s rare. I think it probably … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Having Roommates

Pros: Hello, cost splitting! You can totally afford all the expensive movie channels and high speed internet when three people are paying for it. Stuff, you have more of it! And it’s usually nicer than yours. A TV made later … Continue reading

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Why I Hate The Coffee House Station on Sirius Radio

We have Sirius in our office, which is usually awesome. Lots of choice, no commercials, these are good things. There’s also a sort of radio hierarchy that boils down to me being the Ruler of the Radio. This is because … Continue reading

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The Oddities of Going to High School in Arkansas

– It was surprisingly segregated. There were two high schools, North Side and South Side. South Side was primarily white, our mascot was Johnny Reb and we were the Rebels, and confederate flags were everywhere. – I was in the … Continue reading

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People of the Chicago Blues Festival

My parents and their friends have been going to the Chicago Blues Festival since the 80s. It’s a pretty cool festival, totally free, that takes place every year in Grant Park. I’m relatively indifferent to the music, Blues is fine … Continue reading

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5 Twitter Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Twitter is the second largest social network in the world, but let’s be honest, sometimes it can be a huge pain in the ass. So check out these nifty tools and save yourself from seeking out cool, dark corners to … Continue reading

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My Night At The Pourhouse: A Review (of what I can remember)

The night began in confusion. There were reports that The Pourhouse was in Bootlegger’s former location, because the latter had moved to a different venue. I knew this was preposterous because I happen to be a subscriber of Bootlegger’s email … Continue reading

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