5 Twitter Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Twitter is the second largest social network in the world, but let’s be honest, sometimes it can be a huge pain in the ass. So check out these nifty tools and save yourself from seeking out cool, dark corners to hide in just so you can stop seeing hash tags and @ symbols when you close your eyes. Not that that’s ever happened to me…


TweetDeck is an oldie but a goodie, it’s still my favorite tool to stream my Twitter feeds. I suggest making at least three separate columns. Make one for Interactions so you can keep an eye on who is following you and favoriting your tweets. Make another one @Me so you can always see who is retweeting and mentioning you. Last, just for funzies, keep one for your standard news feed so you can get the latest news. You can connect all your handles and Facebook accounts and TweetDeck will let you schedule your posts accordingly, but its analytics are pretty non-existent.


I use Buffer to schedule and post my tweets. Its analytics are bare-bones, reporting how many clicks, retweets, favorites and mentions each tweet gets is pretty standard. The best part about Buffer is the number of apps and extras it gives you. For no extra cost you can download extensions that will let you tweet directly from all the major apps and browsers, and they add more every time I go back to check. For example, I use these extensions to tweet directly from any website on Firefox or any story from Flipboard quite frequently.


If you’re anything like me, after reading the title you immediately thought of bros in bright colored Polo’s sitting behind computer screens. Despite having a stupid name, this is actually a really good tool for managing your followers. It shows you who is following you, which followers you are not following back, which users you are following who are not following you back, which users have a low follow ratio (handy for deciding whether to follow them or not), and which users are inactive (deadspace, give em’ the axe). It also gives you real-time analytics, will monitor your hash tag campaigns and will even analyze your competitor’s activity. I switched over from Refollow, which also manages your followers in the same way but doesn’t give you as many analytic tools as SocialBro.


Tweriod lets you know when the best time to tweet is for maximum exposure. It will tell you what time the most of your followers are online per day of the week and what times you’re most likely to get replies. Tweriod takes this data and suggests the best period of time for you to tweet in. Added bonus: if you use Buffer, Tweriod gives you the option to automatically export the times to your Buffer schedule.


Twylah is essentially Pinterest for Twitter. It automatically categorizes your tweets into trending topics, then organizes them into Pinterest-like pins with the most tweeted about topics at the top. It looks pretty, but the coolest feature of Twylah is the power tweet. If you send a tweet through Twylah it will create a custom landing page for that tweet including the text, any linked content and any of your past tweets relating to the topic. That boils down to keeping people reading your content longer and increasing their engagement with you. Just remember my how not to be a douche on social media rules on this one: not every tweet has to be nor should be a power tweet.

All of these tools have free versions, which are what I use because I’m cheap. Of course you’ll get more nifty stuff if you pay, but if you’re just starting out or have a relatively small operation going that might not be necessary. And, like I said, even the free versions help keep the crazy at bay.

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