On Being A Girl Gamer

Perhaps that’s a little strong. I don’t really consider myself a “gamer,” but I do love playing video games and I’m pretty good at them. I’m also a girl. While not a total anomaly, that’s rare. I think it probably started with my dad. He was totally out numbered by women. Two daughters, all female dogs. It was pretty much just him and the cat and while the cat lived for an abnormally long time, he couldn’t live forever. So he did what he could with my sister and I. We were by no means tom boys, but we had a healthy balance of Barbies and Ren & Stimpy. The three of us would have epic Mario Kart races on N64, like Mom would have to leave the room because we were all screaming at each other. All out of love, of course.

Now, there is some weirdness that comes with this territory. For example, guys will either think you’re awesome or be afraid of you. When I walk into a Game Stop and ask about the latest Call of Duty the guy helping me always starts with: “does your boyfriend play online a lot?” When I respond with “actually it’s for me and no I don’t really play online,” after he recovers from his temporary shock, one of two things happens: 1) He lights up and says something like “that’s so cool, I wish my girlfriend would play with me” and continues to break down the game for me so I’ll find something I like or 2) He totally freezes up and can’t form competent sentences, in which case he’ll just point to the right shelf and take shelter behind the front desk. Occasionally I’ll get someone who doesn’t believe me and condescendingly tries to steer me towards some froo-froo anime unicorn game. Something about the look on my face when presented with such a game usually gets them back on the right track though.

I also have to play by myself a lot. Why not play online, you ask? I’ve found that people playing online either take it way too seriously and get really pissed off at my oh-well-I-died attitude or are total ass hats and are just on it to fuck with people. Not for me. Most guys get really mad if I beat them and never want to play with me again. It’s like they feel their manhood is being threatened because they got beat by a girl. Pure speculation of course, no one will admit to this. I know my sister faces this problem too, her husband never plays with her because she’s too good. Therefore, we totally geek out when we visit each other (and then I get my ass handed to me because she is really good). And my room mates will only play the New Super Mario Bros for Wii with me. My other games are too violent and require me to swear loudly. Or I get too intense and play for hours. Or maybe both.

So I might be weird for liking video games. Maybe it’s strange that I subscribe to Game Informer. And perhaps it’s not normal for me to pre-order the new God of War. But hey, at least I’m not one of those WOW freaks.

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  1. Sheena says:

    Here here!

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