A Case for an Office Kiddie Pool

Dear (insert CEO/President/Supervisor name here),

It is once again hot outside. I mean really hot. As a point of reference, did you know the average temperature for this time of year is only 80 degrees? It is currently 99 degrees outside. Let’s just round that up to 100 because we both know that’s what it feels like. Crazy, right? Did you also know that this hot weather makes people feel sluggish and lazy? That means our office productivity could go way down during the busiest quarter of the year. Troublesome, no?

Fear not, fearless leader, for I have a solution that will make everyone happy. An office kiddie pool. Hear me out.

It is often recommended employees take short, periodic breaks from their work. Studies have shown taking such breaks help improve focus and can stimulate creativity. Studies have also shown how horrible it is for your health to be sitting in an office chair all day. But where are we to go during these short, get up and move around breaks? Surely we’re meant to go outside, but in this heat?

What if…what if there was a shallow body of water we could dip our toes in? Or perhaps lounge briefly in, provided a change into appropriate swim wear of course. This would fulfill break requirements. And more! It could serve as an office water cooler (which we don’t have) and foster interaction among employees. Just think of the gloriousness of such a thing!

There’s one for $10 at Target, I could be back in 20 minutes…cool?


(Your name)

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