Party Bus Escapades

I consider myself to be somewhat of a party bus connoisseur. I have planned several and participated in too many to remember. Here’s a selection of my party bus escapades for your enjoyment.

My first party bus – Cinco De Mayo

Ah, what an amateur I was. Not even 21 yet, I was the only freshmen in my sorority to go on the Cinco De Mayo party bus planned by a few of the seniors known as The BKC (The Bad Kids Club). We made shirts, we had tequila, it was great. The driving around was fun, it got kind of lonely when we stopped at bars since I had to stay on the bus being not 21 and all. It wasn’t terrible though, there was another sorority sister under 21 so we had our own bus party. We were probably the most intoxicated out of everyone. Rating: B+

My joint golden birthday party bus

I share a birthday with one of my friends, and we’re both pretty cheap, so we decided to split the cost of a party bus for our golden birthday. Then we found out someone’s dad actually drives a bus and would be willing to drive ours for next to nothing! Brilliant! Turns out…it was a straight up school bus. Yellow, the name of the school district on the side, rows of forward facing brown seats. The whole shebang. And we couldn’t bring a keg on board. We didn’t really want to party on the bus, because it was awkward and hard to do so, so we just used it as a giant, expensive taxi to cart us all from bar to bar. Whatevs it was still my party and at least the color matched the theme…Rating: C

New years eve 2011 party bus

This was the perfect party bus. It was as if the heavens parted and out drove this party bus on a road of rainbows being blessed by unicorns. It was the perfect combination of people you knew and total strangers you could make out with in the shadows. We went to bars far enough apart from each other so we could actually have a party on the bus. Best of all, one of the attendees was the kid of a major liquor store owner so the keg was good beer that was dirt cheap and everyone was given personal champagne bottles. Oh, the drunken debauchery. I witnessed my friend make out with a 40 year old cougar at a townie bar. I couldn’t discern when the actual stroke of midnight fell, so made up for it by kiss-assaulting half the bus. Everybody worked the stripper pole. Rating: A+ and a single tear shed in fond memory.

White trash party bus

My own personal hell. I didn’t really want to go because I had a raging hangover from the night before and would only know two people but, alas, my weakness for party buses and beer dragged me out of bed, into a red neck tuxedo and onto the bus. Beer was plentiful but painful for me to drink without gagging, I was that hungover. The kicker, which I should have expected given the theme, was that they only played country music. Not exactly my favorite. I was stuck on a bus with people pretending to be red necks, sweating profusely in an entirely denim outfit, forced to listen to (what I consider) the worst music in the world. Rating: F

Countless other birthday/bachelorette/I just want to have a party bus party buses

Rating: dependent on amount of alcohol provided and my intoxication level, therefore nothing is really memorable…



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