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Types of Metro Transit Bus Drivers

The overly vocal driver Buses have loudspeaker systems because of this guy, and man does he use that sucker. He reminds you to hold onto the rails if you’re standing. He announces every stop and what connecting buses you can … Continue reading

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For Your Amusement: My Awkwardness At My First Professional Conference

Last week I went to a two day conference for social media professionals. If you’re like me, you’re thinking of the movie Cedar Rapids right now. I hoped against hope it would be that awesome. Sadly, but very expectedly, it … Continue reading

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7 Case Studies That Will Help You Prove the Value of Social Media

You’re sitting in front of a CEO after pitching a killer entry strategy to get his company into social media when he drops the bomb on you. “So, how will all of this make me more money?” Instead of talking … Continue reading

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Possible Reasons Why I Trudge

It’s been pointed out to me on several occasions that I walk weirdly. I guess I tend to lead with my chest, don’t swing my arms and sort of shuffle along. I call this trudging because I don’t know what … Continue reading

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