Possible Reasons Why I Trudge

It’s been pointed out to me on several occasions that I walk weirdly. I guess I tend to lead with my chest, don’t swing my arms and sort of shuffle along. I call this trudging because I don’t know what it’s technically called, or if it even has a technical name. Upon further reflection, here are some possible reasons I’ve come up with to explain my silly walk:

1. I live in Minneapolis, MN where there is snow on the ground for approximately 8 months of the year. Along with said snow comes slippery, ice-covered sidewalks of death. In my mind, shuffling on ice is a good way not to fall. Perhaps I just can’t equate the differences in iced and non-iced sidewalks to my feet? Or they’re just practicing for when it counts this winter?

2. I have big boobs, and they can get heavy. Especially since I’m uber cheap and haven’t bought a new bra in like a year, so any support they might have once had is pretty much shot. I’m also single, so I tend to feature my boobs through my outfit choices because they’re totally my best asset. Maybe they know that, and it’s started to go to their head…There it is, my boobs’ ego is the reason I lead with my chest when I walk.

3. My arms are really weak, I have almost no upper body strength. I struggle constantly to open jars, even with the rubber pad that’s made specifically for girls who can’t open jars. So maybe I’m subconsciously trying to conserve energy by redirecting it to other body parts that would actually put it to good use. Like my toes executing a sloth-grip while my feet are shuffling across a patch of ice.

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