The Ten Commandments of Craft Beer

In celebration of the booming craft beer industry in Minneapolis, I’ve composed the 10 commandments of drinking said craft beer. Obey them thou shalt.

1. Thou shan’t wast time drinking shitty beer. Life is too short to drinketh big brewery piss water.

2. Thou shalt value thine own opinion. Drinketh what you like, naysayers be damned.

3. Thou shalt not be monogamous to one “go to” beer and stopeth exploring other craft beers.

4. Thou shalt learn to poor correctly. If you’re drinking good beer, the time hath cometh to learn how to tippeth the glass to the proper 45 degree angle.

5. Thou shalt not pretend to know what the hell thou art talking about. Ask questions of thy beer nerd friends to find new and delicious brews.

6. Thou shalt trust thine gut. Just because a beer is supposed to be most wondrous dost not meaneth thou will like it.

7. Thou shalt evangelize. Always suggest new and different beers to thy friends, but not in an annoying sorteth way.

8. Thou shalt share thy beer and helpeth others to the craft beer path of righteousness.

9. Thou shalt learn about brewing to understandeth the nuances of beer.

10. Thou shalt not be a douchebag and lord thine knowledge over others in a who the hell dost thou think thou are sort of way.

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