Holy Shit I’m Buying a Car – Part 2

used_car_salesmanPart 2: Researching how to research buying a car and prepping for negotiation.

Alright, so I panicked. But that’s ok, because my inescapable need to bring up the fact that I’m buying a car in every conversation for the past two weeks was the sole reason I have enough confidence to move forward with buying a new car. Apparently the interest rates are way lower than those for a used car, who knew!? And to everyone who is right now saying “but the value depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot, I’d rather get a used car than take the hit” suck it, I want a new car.

I also learned to shop around for loans because you can have multiple sources check your credit for 30 days without it buzz killing your credit score. But my bank is a bitch and wouldn’t call me back. I guess they’re still upset about all those overdraft charges last year. Whatever, get over it. I’ll leave that one to the dealership, multiple people assured me they come up with the best rates anyway but I’m still nervous because I feel the general consensus is that dealerships always screw you over. Woosah. Deep breaths.

Next up insurance which, holy fuck, is expensive. I’m not paying $300 a month just in case something happens. Best not get in any accidents. Ass hats who can’t drive in the snow, I’m talking to you here.

Alright so knowing all of that, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I can afford now. I have one leg in the big girl pants. Found some cars, scheduled some test drives, bada-bing two legs in the big girl pants. I just can’t quite pull them all the way up for fear of peeing myself when it comes to negotiation.

I actually wish car salesmen were of the formerly known greasy variety. If I had to talk to someone like that I’d be all “Dude, I can’t take you seriously with your oily hair and furry chest. Quit bullshitting me, I told you my completely reasonable budget, just give me the fucking car.” But no. They’re all younger, mildly attractive, seemingly nice people. I talked to a girl named Katrina today and she was being so nice I actually giggled. I’m totally going in with my big girl pants around my ankles.

Next up the finale: Holy Shit…I Bought a Car. I mean hopefully, because then all of this would just be awkward.

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