Holy Shit I Bought a Car

IMG_7795So..I bought a car. A Mazda 2 hatchback. It was a little terrifying and a lot awkward, but I did it! I think the most awkward part was the test drive. I asked if I could go by myself, because I heard that was a thing, but both dealers just laughed and said no way. My sister told me that. Lying whore. But I had done my research, so I didn’t have any questions to ask I just wanted to make sure I didn’t hate the car and therefore sat in awkward silence for the drive. Happily, I brought a friend (how else was I going to get to the dealer?) who filled the emptiness with the sales guys.

The dealership I bought my car from actually had a no negotiation policy, they gave you their best price and you took it or left it. I was so happy I almost really did pee my big girl pants. No negotiation? No showing my ineptitude anymore than I already had? And they did have the best price I had seen anywhere else. Skip to my friggin lou!

The terrifying part was waiting for my credit report to come back. This was the make or break point. If it was what I was expecting, I’d be fine but what if it was super low? I pictured myself being laughed out of the dealership with everyone pointing and making disapproving faces. Turns out it was way higher than what freecreditreport.com had told me so I totally scored and got an insanely good rate.

Possibly the most entertaining part of the evening was after signing all the papers the sales guy made a big deal about having a surprise for me. He came back with a tan, totally blank baseball hat. I was like “I don’t get it, what’s with the ugly hat?” He just played it off as a free hat. A few minutes later the manager walked by and said “what’s wrong with the hat? Where’s the Mazda logo?” And the salesman was like oh shit, I tried to give her a blank hat and my manager caught me. So I got the real Mazda hat, but I just found it funny and ironic that that was the thing I was going to get screwed on. I knew it was going to happen, I just expected it to be on price or the warranty. It was a hat.

Sleeping the first night was really hard. I don’t have a space in my building’s lot yet so I had to park on the street. In Uptown. During winter. I almost got out of bed a ridiculous number of times to make sure no one had side swiped my baby. Who I think I’m going to call Vick, by the by.


The salesman explaining how to drive because it’s been awhile…

So voila, there’s my first car story. Now excuse me while I become a hermit, because even though I budgeted and know I can afford it, I still feel like I just spent a shit ton of money and am going to be poor.

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