Thought of the Day: WTF does Basic mean?

I’ve noticed a trend and this trend confuses me. People everywhere have started using the slang term “basic” and its more aggressive counterpart “basic bitch.” Rihanna declared the set of her new music video a “no basic zone,” men’s websites have instructions on how not to date a basic and Buzzfeed has a post on how to dress like a basic bitch for Halloween.

I have questions. Questions like wtf does basic and/or basic bitch mean? I found this informational video very helpful:

Ah. It’s becoming clear now. Basic Bitch is, essentially, a new form of White Girl Problems, yes? Let’s investigate further.

Apparently basic used to mean, more or less, an unsophisticated person. Krea-someone came out with a song a few years ago with a line rattling off designer names followed with “basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.” This is probably where the association of certain clothing types (and therefore lifestyles) with basic-ness began. Pair this with Buzzfeed’s evidence of how basic bitches dress and I think we can all conclude this is a new way to diss vapid white girls. In which case I whole heartedly endorse its use.


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