Welcome to The Ironic Fork. Why the title The Ironic Fork you ask? It’s quite simple, really. The title I wanted was already taken. And 17 different variations of the title I wanted were already taken. So I used a “what’s your rock band name” generator instead. One of the deep and insightful questions it asked was to name a strange object. I’ve always had a thing about forks. They’re weird, the word itself is weird and it’s ridiculous how many different kinds there are. It also asked what kind of mood I was in and I didn’t think hungry was a mood so I put ironic because it sounded cool. So there, the Rock Gods demanded the name The Ironic Fork.

I made this blog as a result of a combination of peer pressure and my own self amusement. I work in social media, where like everyone has a blog and to be taken seriously apparently you need to have one too. But I’m not very serious. I tried to answer the question, “what do you want to accomplish with your blog?” but ended up staring at the screen until I was distracted by the hilarity of a woman dragging a wiener dog down the stairs to my office building. The dog was like, “no fucking way I’m going down those stairs, my legs aren’t even long enough to scratch my ears what makes you think I can walk down those giant stairs!” Maybe you had to see it…

I tried writing about social media tips, but the other stuff was way more fun so I’ll write about what entertains me, what annoys me and the silly shenanigans I get into.

– Cassi


2 Responses to About

  1. Sonja D. says:

    I love you even more. You’re made for this!

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